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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest skiing and photographing my friends; I eventually developed a desire to create different types of media through action sports. As my love for creating took over, I began to explore new mediums, and how I could portray different subjects using those new techniques and tools. This has lead me to being part of a very wide range of projects, jobs, internships, experiences, and productions. Below are some of my core competencies.

Web Development

Responsive web design and development utilizing a variety of web technologies, to support a wide range of business objectives.

Digital Marketing

Strategy design, budget management, lead generation, SEO/SEM, marketing automation, email marketing, targeted advertising, and more.


Experience shooting many subjects using a wide range of film and digital mediums. Most recently, I've ditched the digital gear for an all film approach.

Social Media

Strategy design, content creation, community management, targeted advertising/remarketing, and analytic reporting.

My Skills

My inquizitive personality has driven me to experiment with a wide variety of technologies. This has helped me develop a very wide skill set, with an adaptable personality.

Over many years of contracted and full time employment I have honed my skills into a wide reaching set that would benefit any business or project. I would encourage you to review the specific technology competencies listed in my resume for further detail.

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Digital Marketing / Analytics


Social Media Management / Analytics


HTML / CSS / Responsive Design




CRM / Salesforce + Pardot


Photography / Lighting



Below is a downloadable version of my resume. There's a significant chance it may be outdated, but I try to keep it as up to date as possible. If there is anything you'd like to learn more about, feel free to reach out!

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